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PMA Products, Inc. is pleased to add model eligibilities to our CA450-742N Stall Warning Switch. The additional models are:

Piper: PA23-235, -250

PA31-300, -325, -350


PA24-250, -260, -400

PA-30 and PA-39

PMA Products, Inc. is pleased to add

CA50-810343-5 and CA50-810343-7

Drag Leg Hook Pins

to our list of high quality PMA approved parts. These new parts are now available for shipment.

Drag leg hook pins are approved for F90 s/n LA-2 and after. 99, 99A, A99A, B99, and C99, s/n U-1 thru U-49, and U-51 thru U-164. 100, A100, and B100, all s/n. 200 s/n BB-2 thru BB-733, BB-735 thru BB-792, BB-794 thru BB-828, BB-830 thru BB-853, BB-871 thru BB-873, BB-892, BB-893, and BB-912. 200T s/n BT-1 thru BT-22. 200C s/n BL-1 thru BL-36. 200CT s/n BN-1. B200 s/n BB-734, BB-793, BB-829, BB-854 thru BB-870, BB-874 thru BB-891, BB-894 thru BB-911, BB-913 thru BB-1157, BB-1159 thru BB-1166, and BB-1168 thru BB-1192. B200T s/n BT-23 thru BT-27, BT-29, and BT-30. B200C s/n BL-37 thru BL-72. B200CT s/n BN-2 thru BN-4.

If you would like to be notified of new part approvals

please send an e-mail request to

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