Beech Part Number PMA Products Part Number Description
100-820017-1 CA100-820017-1 BUSHING, NOSE GEAR
101-810024-3 CA101-810024-3 BUSHING, M. TORQUE LINK IN GR
101-810024-5 CA101-810024-5 TORQUE LINK BUSHING
101-810025-1 CA101-810025-1 PIN, TORQUE LINK
101-810089-1 CA101-810089-1A BOLT
101-810090-1 CA101-810090-1 BOLT
101-810090-3 CA101-810090-3 BOLT
105739X-YN1437 CA105739X-YN1437 DOOR CLOSURE ROLLER
105740X-YA0630 CA105740X-YA0630 BUSHING, N. TORQUE LINK CTR
105740X-YA1625 CA105740X-YA1625 BUSHING, M. TORQUE LINK CTR
105740X-YN0625 CA105740X-YN0625 BUSHING, N. TORQUE LINK CTR
105740X-YN0677 CA105740X-YN0677 BUSHING, M. TORQUE LINK CTR
114-810038-1 CA114-810038-1 BUSHING, MAIN DRAG LINK CTR
114-810042-1 CA114-810042-1 BUSHING, MN DRAG LINK IN GR
114-810049-3 CA114-810049-3 BUSHING, MN DRAG LINK IN GR
114-820113-1 CA114-820113-1 BUSHING, NOSE ATTACH LUG
114-820062-1 CA114-820062-1 STEERING ROLLER
115-810066-3 CA115-810066-3 BUSHING
38241 CA38241 FUEL CAP SEAL
50-105000-3 CA50-105000-3 WASHER
50-384082-1 CA50-384082 WIPER BLADE(refill only)
50-810034 CA50-810034 BUSHING,N. UPPER TORQUE LK
50-810326 CA50-810326 MAIN STRUT UPPER BEARING
90-810019-1 CA90-810019-1 BUSHING, NS TORQUE LINK CTR
90-820011-1 CA90-820011-1 BOLT, NOSE GEAR
99-340253-1 CA99-340253-1 MIC SWITCH
99-810064-3 CA99-810064-3 BUSHING
99-810066-1 CA99-810066-1 BUSHING, MAIN DRAG LINK CTR

*Please consult your distributor to confirm the eligibility of your specific aircraft!*


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